June 16, 2024


ABOUT MAKERSVILLE SERVICES – Makersville Services provides entrepreneurship skills learning opportunities through practical entrepreneurship experiences. We gather resources for our entrepreneurs, and provide them with a framework and support for experiences they create. We have a number of base projects, which we use to start our entrepreneurs of all ages on their personal journeys. You will be supporting our youth and adult entrepreneurs, and at the same time participating in the entrepreneurship experience yourself.

LOCATION – Internships are worked primarily at our shared studio in Shoreline Village, 419 Shoreline Village Drive, Suite Q, Long Beach, CA 90802. Other locations may be included, in support of our Sidewalk Spaces program and our Maritime Symposium program.

INTERN DUTIES For the 2023 calendar year, we are seeking interns who will work on one or more of our core projects, with our youth and adult community to develop new products based on the projects:

    • Learn about Long Beach History, plan, staff and market events to schools, parents, the general community.
    • Revise our current book “Long Beach Pike in the 30s and 40s” and work on new publications: “Rainbow Pier”, Long Beach Pike in other decades, including today. For this purpose, draw images and do research to support the publications. Do outreach and participate in Marketing and promotion as needed.
    • Work on artwork and story for one or more new comic books, including activity books.
    • Work on instructional works (curriculum) in the form of videos for YouTube and other platforms, printed works, podcasts and blogs.
    • Develop toys and kits for sponsored promotional giveaways and use on tours of Shoreline Village and the Pike.
    • Develop personal knowledge and interest in the Pike and participate as a tour guide at the Pike.
    • Seek funding for events and programs you create to ensure accessibility to a diverse community of ages and groups. (scholarships for low income participants).
    • Develop curriculum under the subject: Rube Goldberg and contraptions, and the Microbit microcontroller.
    • Develop STEAM toys and kits to be marketed during key holiday periods and as curriculum.
    • Coach Rube Goldberg elementary school aged Teams participating in a competition in March
    • Participate on an off-season team in April
    • Learn to use our tools and equipment and Activate and run the Makersville Services space at Shoreline Village.
    • Research and write grants and seek sponsorships


  • Rube Goldberg Competition – Planned categories – Family and Elementary. Sat March 18th
  • Maritime Symposium, Job Fair and Middle/High School special Contraptions Competition – Launch a Boat – Last Saturday in April
  • STEAM Educator’s Forum (Monthly) and STEAM Education Conference and Family Fair (late summer/fall 2023)
  • Toy drive and making for gifting – Thanksgiving through Winter Break.


Must speak English

Bilingual in English and one of the following languages is desired (Khmer, Tagalog, Spanish, Mandarin)

Ability to write in one of the following languages is desired (English, Khmer, Tagalog, Spanish, Mandarin)

Interest in learning and operating equipment is desired: sewing machine, 3d printer, vacuuformer.

Interest in learning STEAM skills e.g. simple machines, programming, electronics is desired.

Proficient in Windows, Excel, Word, Powerpoint required.

May be required to work onsite at an assigned school for special events and classes.

Interest in video, blogging, podcast production is desired.


  • A percentage of the income created by you during your internship will go back towards your wages during and after your internship.
  • You will work on a team to develop an existing or a new brand, then can apply the skills you know in developing your personal brand during and after your internship.
  • During the internship you will be able to create educational products individually and on a team and plan an audience for your products, and to participate in the rewards of classes and sales that include the products.
  • You will yourself learn about simple machines, the Birdbrain products, and the Microbit, and find and execute projects to develop your personal brand.
  • You will have access to the entire team and the resources of Makersville and Makersville Services in visualizing, budgeting, planning and executing events you create, as you find ways to yourself be paid.
  • You will receive support for your personal projects, and work with us to develop your creative problem solving skills. If you do not yet have a personal project, you may participate with others in support of their projects.
  • Access to fiscal agency of Makersville Services for board approved projects.

SCHEDULE AND DURATION – Internship may adjust as frequently as quarterly and lasts 3-6 months depending upon schedule and funding.


These internships may be applied for through one of our collaborating agencies. To get more information on one of our collaborating agencies, please contact Trish Tsoiasue at 562-225-9589 info-at-makersville.net

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