July 13, 2024

Programs and Projects

We define what we do as programs. Each program supports a number of projects.


Since 2012, Makersville has been working to create an environment that supports learning for youth and adults through finding of spaces, equipment and individuals who learn-to-share-and-teach. We focus on supporting play and interest development. We define play as any interest, hobby or goal of the individual, and that can include educational and social enterprise goals. Makersville has developed projects in support of those who might not yet have goals of their own.

Young Ambassadors

Through our support of the Long Beach – Qingdao Association’s events (a sister city of Long Beach), we have evolved the Young Ambassador program. This is an emerging program that is based on a long-standing involvement of Mary E Barton, PhD in the LBQA and the Sister Cities of Long Beach.

The Young Ambassadors program will inform youth of the history of the Sister Cities program, and the existing Sister Cities of Long Beach. Ambassadors will explore their cities and countries of interest, and will be able to engage with the Sister Cities of Long Beach in support of developing new relationships.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors takes an event-focused approach to create opportunities for our Makers, artists, STEAM educators and brand developers. Ambassadors learn grantwriting, finding sponsors, locations, space to support those engaged in brand development (Makers, artists) or support.


Year-round STEAM Parties, Donation Robot Making

January – March – Rube Goldberg Competition

April – Maritime Symposium

July – Makersville Services School Makerfaire

December – Toy and Gift Making

December – Holiday Toy Giveaways

Historic Long Beach – Ongoing

Multi-National Experiences – Ongoing

Sidewalk Spaces – Ongoing

Practical Microfactory and Handmade Carnival

Practical MicroFactory paired with a Handmade Carnival