April 22, 2024

volunteers at 2nd and PCH as the event winds down.

On February 17, 2024 we hosted the Kids Corner at the Long Beach – Qingdao Sister City Association’s Lunar New Year event. This was an AMAZING day, and we were able to bring many of our groups together, including the Long Beach LEGO User Group, Makersville, students from Poly High School and from Sato High School. John Graham of the Ro-Toastados and Long Beach – Qingdao Association joined us.

Many thanks to our team, Funds Manager LeClair Pearson and Event Coordinator Morgan King and our many volunteers, without whom this would not have been possible.

Our presence at the Lunar New Year event was made possible through a grant from the Port of Long Beach for our Practical Microfactory and Handmade Carnival. These events helped to bring folks together in advance of the scheduled event in support of the festival.