June 16, 2024

Mentors and Volunteer

To be a mentor or volunteer in our system, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Mentors work 1-1 with our diverse community of adults and youth. Skills mentor share are often related to project management, event planning, youth management, video making, blogging and other social media outreach. We have specific goals related to writing, research, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. Other skills are working with computers, specific operating systems (Windows, Android, Apple), collaboration tools (Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, other), working with word processors and presentation tools, distance collaboration tools. Mentors may also be mentees in our learn-to-share-and-teach system. Mentors contribute to our database of videos and books, and to our library of images and stories. Mentors help to uplift our community of adults and youth, and enable our community to grow to support the many projects and systems supported by Makersville Services.

Volunteers may work on specific events, and are not yet mentors or mentees.


Mentors and volunteers are encouraged to participate in the Makersville and Makersville Services scaffold of support. Mentors and volunteers will learn new skills, have opportunities to give classes and create products in our system, and specifically will participate in our product and service development so that they can create and find shared benefit and current or future income. Use of equipment, materials and other assets (spaces, and programs) are part of our community benefit. We support social entrepreneurs through support for the play of our mentors and volunteers.


Santa’s Workshop, Thanksgiving Week

Rube Goldberg Training and Competition January – March

Maritime Symposium – April

STEAM Educator’s Forum – Summer/Fall

Makerspace Support (Shoreline Village and sidewalk makerspaces)