June 16, 2024

This 2-part event series will explore supply chain issues that Makers encounter when they are producing one, a dozen, one hundred items for sale.

Supply Chain for Makers

Makers generally work on a single product. They are doing practical, personal investigations and learning and creating along the way. At some point, they may, with some encouragement from friends, family and random strangers, decide to get into business, or host a class. Suddenly they have to source parts, work on deadlines and come up with funding for inventory. We will interview makers we find who are willing to discuss these challenges with us. To participate, please register for our Eventbrite. Held on the 2nd Saturday.

Practical Micro-Factory

In this event series we will explore product creation in a number of situations. #1/ Prototyping of a product, usually creating just one. (e.g. a group of 30 participants each create just one silk-screened T-Shirt. #2/ Small run production (e.g. a group of participants creates 30 Silk screened T-shirts, with effort distributed by task. #3/ Activity prototyping (product development of educational activity-based products). We have 3 planned activity cycles:

Microbit Robotics with Thomas Messerschmidt: Register here for this July/Aug/Sep 2023 event

Silkscreening the Pacific Electric Red Car: Register here for this Aug/Sep 2023 Event

Coming soon: The Handmade Bunny Factory

These event series are sponsored in part by the Port of Long Beach.