April 22, 2024

Makers usually work on just one thing. Then they go on to the next thing, or continue to make their one thing better. Makers are learning and can share what they learn. Some choose to do so, and in this way we get companies and project kits created.

Makersville seeks to support the Makers around us, and to help those who would, take their projects from one thing to production. At the same time, we are learning new processes and ways at looking at procedures. If you are a Maker with a project, or a company that would like to share your supply chain processes, issues and concerns, please reach out to us: Patricia@makersvilleservices.org. Register here.

Practical Micro-factory helps us to learn how to approach work from different perspectives. – individual, short run, small batch and full scale. Register here

Supply Chain for Makers and Practical Micro-factory is supported in part by the Port of Long Beach and Makersville. Our evolving event series incudes the fall Toy and Gift Making activities. Join us!


Maker Walt Perko

On July 8th, we kicked off this series by merging our regular meeting with the Robotics Society of Southern California regular Meeting, July 8th.

Walt Perko, http://brainless.org
Walt Perko’s presentation is at 01:02:56

Maker Thomas Messerschmidt

Thomas Messerschmidt is a roboticist in Southern California, and a participating member of the Robotics Society of Southern California. Thomas visited our studio in Long Beach on July 8th to get started on the Microbit Microcontroller project. Thomas will help us to bring together projects in the Hummingbird Finch, Hummingbird Bit and Microbit. Both the Hummingbird Finch and Hummingbird Bit are Microbit controlled environments. Thomas will return to our space for the next Global Supply Chain for Makers on August 12th!


Our practical Microfactory continues on Sunday, August 13th and is guided by John Ramirez of JGraphixStudio at 3rd and Elm. Individual makers will each create a multi-colored T-Shirt designs. It will be followed on Sunday, September 9th with makers considering how the work flows as they create a batch of T-Shirts as prizes at our STEAM Party and Carnival! Register here to make your T-Shirt memory of the Long Beach Pacific Electric Red Car!

HIstorical Creative Commons Image of the Long Beach Pacific Electric Red Car Oleknutlee, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons